Shamanic Empowerment Coaching


Margaret’s Shamanic Empowerment Coaching helps her clients to access a deep knowing and understanding of themselves and a greater appreciation of their life and their inherent gifts.  


She is very gifted at guiding people into heart centered awareness and teaching them skills that will help them to reside predominantly in this beautiful, crystal-clear awareness.

Margaret’s method of coaching uses Shamanic Pathways and Dimensional Portals to assist in carrying out a conversation between higher selves.   


This conversation provides vibrational shifts and attunements within the client’s energy field.  This in turn helps them to shift their creations in the world towards what they truly desire to be contributing to their own lives and to humanity. 


Shamanic Empowerment Coaching sessions can be carried out in her new office in Midway, or online through Zoom sessions.

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Shamanic Empowerment Coaching Session

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