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Encounters with horses provide powerful opportunities to experience our connection to the natural world. 

As prey animals, horses are highly sensitive, empathic and intuitive beings.  They can sense when a person is being incongruent - acting one way but feeling a different way inside. 


Horses will always respond to a person's true state of being, bringing any incongruence into awareness for the person to resolve and come into a more balanced state of being.  


When we feel seen, heard and understood by another species --especially one as big, beautiful and magnificent as a horse, it is really impossible for us to deny our connection to them and to all of nature.  


Doug and Margaret Miller have a herd of 4 beautiful horses, Sugar Sugar, Honey Rose, Rockstar, Electra. 


They refer to them as "Medicine Wheel Horses", because of their skill and enthusiasm in participating in Medicine Wheel Ceremony and in healing work in general.


These horses in their magical environment assist people to discover a deeper connectedness to self, to other beings, and to the natural world. 


Doug and Margaret are wonderful facilitators of empowering experiences in nature.   They have been participating in, and facilitating events and ceremonies in nature together for over 20 years. 

You can enjoy a tailored encounter with the horses designed with your needs in mind. 


Sessions range from liberty sessions, medicine wheel journeys, horse quests, and/or group medicine wheel journeys & celebrations.

Treat yourself to the expansive magic of a HorseEncounter.



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