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Empowerment Activation,  Granted!

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Congratulations Powerful Creator

My name is Margaret Miller and I am honored to be your Shamanic Empowerment Coach.  Here, I am pictured with Sugar my good friend and a highly sensitive being who teaches us how to connect at a deeper level.


My gift to you is best utilized as a everyday ritual.  Set apart a time during your day in order to enter into a deeper relationship with yourself and all your relationships.  This reiki embedded audio is designed as a portal to raise the vibrations of the listener and to vibrate at the frequency of love.

By listening to this guided visualization daily, you are aligning with your Highest Self, Universal Energy, Health, Rejuvenation, Unlimited Abundance and Love.  This harmonizing space is Pure Heart Centered Awareness and a perfect way to connect with and recognize your truly Magnificent Self!

Use it to to set the vibration for the day and enjoy the beauty that follows.  Settle into your heart and radiate out love.

If you love this, then you will LOVE working with me to help you recognize your limitless potential.

Whether we work together remotely, or in-person, helping you recognize your own magnificence and step fully into your potential as a creator on this beautiful planet is my deep desire.  Heart centered awareness, access to other dimensions and the spiritual tools I have learned has changed my life.  It is my honor to share these powerful tools and help others realize and develop their own bridges to higher frequencies of awareness.

"As soon as our perspective changes, looking out through the eyes of love, everything changes right now.  Right away."

If you are interested in working with me feel free to contact me with the link below. 

Know Thyself,

Know your Power!

-Margaret Miller

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